Whether you have an old tree that is a little too close to your home or a tree that was severely damaged during a storm, our professional tree removal experts will safely and quickly take care of your problem. Why would you need to remove a tree and why should you let a professional tree removal service like Clayton's Tree Service take care of it?

When Should a Tree Be Removed?

Sometimes, trees in need of removal are obvious because they are very damaged, fallen over, or in extremely poor condition. Other times, it can be very difficult to tell whether or not a tree needs to go without hiring a professional tree service for a consultation. Here are some questions Clayton's Tree Service will work through with you to make the decision:

  • Is the tree healthy? If over half of the tree is damaged or infected with a disease, it is time for a tree removal. If the tree has less damage but is in a dangerous location, like very close to your home or business, a tree removal may still be recommended.

  • Are there big dead branches or trunk damage? Large trees that have unstable and damaged top portions are a huge danger to your family and home. While the tree can survive a number of dead branches, trunk damage like large wounds and vertical cracking can suggest that the tree has internal decay occurring. Internal decay will eventually hollow out the tree, making volatile and susceptible to tip over during a storm or weather event.

  • What is around the tree? The environment around a tree can necessitate its removal, especially if it is near power lines, a home, a business, or in a place where it could potentially fall on someone. If the tree has a shallow root system because of its location, professional tree removal may also be required.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Tree Removal Service?

Just like the decision to remove a tree can be complex, the process itself can be complicated and technical. Without proper training, you or a lesser tree removal company could rack up tons of extra costs in home repair, fence repair, or landscaping repair if the job isn’t done right. Trees that are dead or diseased can be unpredictable on the way down, so even tree removal professionals can have a tough time safely removing them. Even worse, someone who isn’t used to using potentially dangerous tree removal tools like chainsaws or wood chippers could end up with serious and permanent injuries.

Need a Tree Removed from Your Property?

Whether you are getting rid of a tree or just trying to trim around the edges, Clayton's Tree Service offers comprehensive tree services for your commercial or residential property. We offer services throughout Maryland. Ready to get your free estimate? Give us a call at 410-914-5921 today!